AFTERMATH: The Great Eastpoint Fire

     In June of 2018, a fire leveled a fishing community in Eastpoint (FL) with one dead and 40 homes lost. The inferno resulted from a controlled burn by the state of Florida. To date (2020) victims have yet to receive compensation while for most, insurance was unaffordable. More tragically, the Apalachicola Bay fishermen had already been struggling from the collapse of the oyster industry.


Bubba Sanders (fore) with friends.  His oyster boat was spared but all else was lost.

"Everything is gone - we have nothing,"  says Tammy Boone, in the cinders of lher home.

The Glass family and their new home: a one room trailer with no power and no water.

Nlick Rotella, oysterman's son, with a serpent petrified by the inferno.

"in 30 seconds I was dead. Jesus saved me,"  says retired oysterman Jimmy Boone.

Oysterman Michael Boone heaves up the collapsed roof of his doublewide in search of possessions.

Paul Sanders consoles his distraught grandson, John Paul, after the destruction of their home.

The Rotella cousins inspect fire damage where a neighbor's home stood.

Tammy and Michael Boone, living in a tent pitched on the ashes of their home.